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DEGENERATE is intermittently written and published by Sam, who lives in Oakland. It's a fanzine that resists the term "zine" in favor of "mag," for reasons detailed in the essay INIMITABLE NOISE, first published by The Media and reprinted in issue #16.

DEGENERATE is also a record label, insofar as later issues included flexi-discs by musical acts SCRAPER, MUSK, and VIOLENCE CREEPS. For those three local bands, the flexis constituted debut vinyl releases. Further, in late 2015 DEGENERATE will release a proper full-length LP, "Early Life," by the Oakland foursome MANSION

DEGENERATE has capitulated to most social media outlets, including Tumblr.

DEGENERATE welcomes mail at PO BOX 3272 / BERKELEY CA 94703 or degeneratezine[a]gmail.com.