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MANSION - EARLY LIFE LP [is Degenerate #17]



Degenerate #17 is "Early Life," the first album by Mansion, a foursome from Oakland. Leaden. Surgical. Severe. Includes members of Pang and Cube.

This poster included while they last.

In a nod to a policy implemented by M'lady's Records in Portland, women pay 77% of the $12 list price, to reflect ongoing wage disparity. Refund issued after order placed.

Stream "Early Life" in full.

Now shipping. Download link available with purchase of upon request.

"The Oakland, Calif., band Mansion plays highly rhythmic, ringing, eerie, pitch-black, rough and telegraphed noisiness. What it does, with drums and two guitars and the singer Candace Lazarou enunciating sternly and carefully, feels like sturdy, skeptical commentary about song-making." -Ben Ratliff, New York Times

I wrote about Mansion at length, here.